Isaura Arreguin

Position: JR Board
Department: National

Personal Information:

Isaura Arreguin was born and raised in Michoacán Mexico, at the age of 17; she migrated to California  and learned English in just one year. Isaura obtained a Bachelors of Science in Sociology from Grand  Canyon University. Isaura has worked in the education sector for over a decade, primarily with underrepresented groups; adults, dreamers and non-traditional students. She currently works at  Hartnell Community College as part of the College Pathways Team and her main role is to coordinate the  outreach, recruitment and onboarding efforts of students from all Monterey County Alternative  Education and Charter Schools. 

One of her passions is to mentor, empower and advocate for young  Latinas to achieve their professional and personal goals. Isaura has collaborated with programs like  Mujeres en Accion, Girls Inc, Monterey County Migrant Ed, Alisal Union School District, Monterey  County Adult Schools and the Salinas Valley in the development of educational programs and  opportunities for underrepresented students and their families. Isaura believes opportunities are  endless for those that have “ganas” and are focused on their goals, therefore her desire to give back to  the community and be a resource and support to others. Isaura is married and lives with her husband  and two daughters in Salinas California. Isaura loves to travel, learn about new cultures and meet people from all over the world, when she travels she is passionate to embrace the Mexican culture, she is proud  to be Mexicana.