Welcome Board of Governors Las Madrinas

The Board of Governors Las Madrinas supports the organization’s vision, preserves it’s founding principles and serve as ambassadors. It was created in 2023 by our Founders, and Board President Rafael Magaña and Board Chair Kimberly Magaña. The Governors have a strong commitment to support the mission of the organization and help uplift Latinas across all industries.

The Board of Governors Las Madrinas is an exclusive by invitation only forum of leading Latina leaders and key influential members who support our mission of empowering more Latina women to succeed.

Las Madrinas Board of Governors attend one meetings annually. This is an honorary role with non governing duties. Each Governor also serves as a spokesperson and they represent the organization at numerous signature events as keynote speakers throughout the year. Governors serve the organization’s best interests, by acting with responsibility and care in advancing the organization’s goals.

Latina Professionals is proud to have leaders who are deeply rooted in our values and focused on empowering Latinas. With their wisdom, diverse perspectives, and passion for progress, we are confident that Latina Professionals is poised for great success in the years ahead.

We are delighted to announce our newest Board of Governors Las Madrinas.

Board of Governors Members