The career development program for those looking to make an impact in their careers, communities, and the world

With the launch of Latina Professionals’ first chapter, began the quest to find how Latina Professionals could best support working Latinas in advancing their careers. We reached out to Latinas working in diverse industries and in various stages of their careers to hear their challenges. We found that across industries and across career levels, many were grappling with similar struggles in the areas of self-confidence, time-management, networking, mentorship and technical skills. Acelera was created to help address these challenges so that every Latina has the support needed to build the career they want.


Acelera is a four month virtual program designed to enable working Latinas to advance to the next stage of their careers. Acelera utilizes a social justice centered approach and a holistic educational curriculum. Through workshops, presentations, panels and projects Acelera builds individuals who are self-confident, purpose-driven and who take action to reach ambitious goals. The program teaches on-demand skills needed to succeed personally and professionally. The Acelera program creates sisterhood and provides program participants with a strong network of Latinas ready to make impact in their careers, communities and the world.

Program consists of four phases:


Sí Se Puede


Finding Purpose


El Tiempo es Ahora


Further Together


Eligible applicants must:

  • Be eager to grow in their professional careers
  • Willing to commit a minimum of 2-3 hours to the program per week
  • Demonstrate a strong interest in community involvement

Program Logistics

  • The program will include workshops, guest speakers and panels
  • Supplementary assignments will be given throughout the program
  • Program participants will be split up into small cohorts
  • Missing more than one session per phase will disqualify you from the program
  • At the conclusion of the program, each participant will receive a certificate of completion, pin and shirt

Program Cost

  • The program is free for all Latina Professional members

Phase 1: Sí se puede

In the first phase of the program we will focus on building the confidence needed to achieve any goal. We will do a deep dive into imposter syndrome and how we can navigate it to stop it from holding us back. In this phase you will also learn a framework that will help you change your thoughts and as a result your life.

Phase 2: Finding purpose

The second phase of the program will help you unpack your purpose. With your purpose in mind you will build a vision, plan and set goals that will allow you to get to where you want to be. We will cover the topics of intentionality and time management to help you execute your plans and accomplish your goals.

Phase 3: El tiempo es ahora

In this phase you will take action on the goals you set in the phase two. You will have a sisterhood to support you as you work through your goals. Simultaneously, this phase will focus on giving you skills needed to achieve your goals. You will learn about topics such as personal branding and negotiation and will go through mock interviews and resume reviews.

Phase 4: Further together

The final phase of the program will provide you a clear plan on how to continue to work towards your personal and professional ambitions after the program. You will learn about how supporting those around you will help you go further. In this phase, we will take time to celebrate our accomplishments.


Lizbeth Duran

Alejandra K. Ruiz Inguanzo