Elida Rodriguez

Position: Ambassadors
Department: Ambassadors

Personal Information:

Elida has 14 years of experience in multicultural and total market marketing. She is currently managing a team who oversees multicultural communications as Group Manager, Corporate Integrated Marketing – Multicultural at Publix Super Markets, the largest and fastest-growing employee-owned supermarket chain in the Southeast of the United States. Her goal is to help all women achieve their highest potential, regardless of where they are in their professional journey. Her largest achievement was creating the first Multicultural Marketing sub-department in her current role, building out a team and inspiring her colleagues, agency partners and internal business partners to learn about cultural nuances and sensitivities within African American and Hispanic culture. Additionally, she works closely with internal business partners to provide consultation on multicultural marketing strategies and business priorities. Elida is a proud Latina, second generation Mexican. Sipping coffee and spending time with family are her favorite pastimes.