Carmen Fraser Youngsteadt

Position: Board Member
Department: National

Personal Information:

Carmen Fraser Youngsteadt is the daughter of two immigrant parents – a mother from Bolivia, and a  father from Scotland. Her culturally diverse background and ability to understand and adapt has formed  who she is and made her the strong relationship-builder she is today.  

Carmen is a vibrant, bilingual Marketing and Communications strategist who seeks to understand the  “why” behind her clients and their businesses. She uses that knowledge and investigates company  cultures to craft messaging with purpose, and form strategies that align with her clients’ core values and  enhance their bottom lines.  

Though Carmen graduated from Texas A&M University with a BBA in Accounting and a Master of  Science in Taxation, she successfully transitioned her career from “The Big 4” to agency life, thanks to  the strong connections she established. Carmen’s strength lies in building and maintaining trusted  relationships, which she has used to form the large network that has opened many doors to her  personally and professionally.  

Carmen excels when in the joyful service of others. It is thus that she serves on the Boards of two  organizations with similar missions of advancing Hispanic professionals: the Texas A&M Hispanic  Network and Latina Professionals. She is able to use her experience and passion for helping others,  along with her Leadership Coach certification, to create the structure and support systems needed to lift  up the next generation of young professionals through mentorship, guidance and networking.  

Apart from career successes, she is most proud of being a mother of 3 intelligent and inquisitive children  who keep her on her toes, and feed her thirst for knowledge. To balance out the demands of work and  home, she practices yoga, and continues to educate herself and her family through travel.