Giving Circle

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Join our global network of women supporting Latina Professionals

Our Giving Circle is an international network of philanthropic women, who share a passion for uplifting women and helping invest in women.

Our members are a community of compassionate women, united by a shared goal. By working together, they grow their collective power and have an even greater impact on the lives of other women.

Our vision is simple.  No woman should have to give up on their dreams.

Our Giving Circle members are fearless, determined to succeed and many remain deeply involved in our community and giving back.


  • Join us for unique events, workshops, and celebration evenings with industry leaders. Our members come together and learn about projects and programs they support, celebrate their achievements and connect with other like-minded women.
  • You have a chance to take part of the work of Latina Professionals. Whether it’s sitting on panels or participating in workshops, there plenty of ways for you to lend your time and expertise.
  • Be part of a global movement.
  • You will have a unique opportunity to connect to a sisterhood and explore the work of Latina Professionals in every corner of the world.
  • Receive regular updates, so you can see the impact of your generosity first hand.
  • Grow your network while learning new skills.


Help us empower more women to succeed. Select your Giving Circle below.


Rising Estrella Giving Circle donors have a compassion for others. They are discovering their journey and have an understand that working together, to explore a range of experiences and perspectives in their communities, and to support each other is a step in the right direction.

Additionally, a Rising Estrella Professional Giving Circle donor shall be a person who has two or more years of professional experience in any professional field.


Corazón Giving Circle of donors is suggested for managers who understand the importance of investing in women and they want to make the world a better place. This circle of donors acknowledge and recognize everyone who has contributed to their success. They are sincere in their belief that everyone brought a different skill to the table which helped them succeed and they want to pay it forward.

Additionally they shall be a person who holds a bachelor’s degree or specialized certification in any professional discipline and has three or more years of experience in any professional field.


Pionera Giving Circle is for executives, these donors love the connection and sociability of being with other likeminded executives. They understand the importance and power of their collective giving. By giving together they understood the value of leveraging their gifts, the power and impact of a larger gift to help support scholarships, programs, and investing in women.

Additionally an Executive Giving Circle member shall be a person who holds a bachelor’s, masters, Ph’D degree or specialized certification in any professional discipline with four or more years of experience in any professional field.